First-Time Customer Coupon

Printed on: 30-Sep-23

We would like to introduce new customers to our precision tailoring services,
so we are offering this coupon to first-time customers.

Only one per customer, please, and the coupon cannot be used in exchange for anything except alteration service.

Bring us a suit, trousers, or ladies' outfit that you bought elsewhere or that doesn't fit quite right, and we will make it fit perfectly!

Please note that this coupon is unnecessary for any suits, jackets, or pants that you purchase in our store: all initial standard alterations (waist, seat, legs, back, buttons, sleeves, etc.) are free.

Coupon good for $15 toward any group of alterations
costing a total of $30 or more.

Please print this page and bring it to the store for your discount. The discount cannot be honored without a printed coupon.