Christopher Kim's Menswear and
	Custom Tailoring

Ladies' Tailoring

  • Custom Tailoring of women's suits, slacks, dresses and coats.
  • Difficult and delicate alterations on all kinds of ladies' garments, including formal dresses.

Why would a woman want to come to a tailor who has traditionally served men? Men's dress clothing is almost always more complex and highly structured than most womens' clothing, so our tailors have the skill to handle even delicate and difficult alterations in women's suits, slacks, and formal dresses and gowns.

Our work can range from simple alterations like hemming and adjusting the waist to virtually reconstructing the clothing to achieve a perfect fit.

A few comments from female clients on Yelp:

  • "I have no idea what I'll do when Mr. Kim retires. He makes off-the-(sale)-rack clothes fit as if they are bespoke..."
  • "I'd trust Mr. Kim with any of my clothes! He tailored my mom's handmade wedding dress from 45 years ago to fit me perfectly for my rehearsal dinner ... He also tailored my wedding dress which was a very complicated structure - modern, sleek and smooth - so there was no room for error. Everything looked amazing..."
  • "Attention women - if you need a great tailor, Mr. Kim is it! I had three dresses in delicate materials that needed to have extensive work done (taken in, taken up, etc). All of them came out perfect."
  • "After seeing the impressive work he did to my husband's tuxedo and suits, I started bringing my clothes to him as well. His prices reflect the quality of work; if you're fixing a garment that you care about, you may as well spend the money tailoring it properly... I trust that whatever garment I bring to him, it will be done right - and it always is."