Christopher Kim's Menswear and
	Custom Tailoring

Custom Tailoring

  • Custom-made suits, sportcoats, shirts, and pants -- on premises. 
  • Your choice of fabrics and styles at affordable prices.
  • Large selection of fine British and Italian fabrics.
  • Specializing in hard-to-fit sizes.
  • Shirts custom-made with fine Italian cottons.

Alterations and repairs

We can extend the life and improve the fit of your clothes with skillful alterations and repairs.

  • Have you lost or gained weight?
  • Need a style updated?
  • Need better alterations than a department store or discounter will do?
  • Want to prevent wear in pants by adding a crotch/knee lining to new pants?
  • Want to extend the life of a suit by repairing wear in the pants?
  • Do you need a coat relined?
  • Do you want a more stylish, closer fit to the body?
  • Is you favorite shirt showing wear on the cuffs or collar? They can be reversed or replaced.